The Ruby of the Sea

Published by Alliance Press


After aimlessly traveling the country for fifteen years, Linnea Chandler returns to her hometown of Key West, Florida keeping the genesis of a life-altering phobia to herself—not a good idea, as she comes to find out.


The 19th Century lighthouse that she, her parents and two sisters call home also has a troubled past, carrying the frightening myth that eerily mirrors the mystery of her younger sister today. Should Linnea run while she can?


The women must decide to what extremes they are willing to go to protect their secrets. Ignore the brutality behind the retrieval of spoils from a fatal shipwreck in 1857? Defy a 2017 hurricane threatening to pummel their town? And when their world is upendeddo the women have the strength to move forward?

Pub Date: Feb. 5, 2020 (Available for pre-order Nov. 12)

380 pages | $10.99 USD | 978-0-578-63709-9 | February 5, 2020