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The Promise KitchenSan Francisco Review: (5 Stars) “First time author and food blogger, Peggy Lampman, knows the exact ingredients needed to create an appealing story…an eye-opening and thought provoking must read.”

Blue Ink Review: “Peggy Lampman is an engaging writer, capturing the heart of Southern living with wit, charm and vivid detail as she alternates chapters between Shelby, Mallory and Miss Ann…For readers who enjoy a Southern flavor to their stories, spending time in the company of these fine folks through the pages of Simmer and Smoke will go down as easily as a slice of watermelon on a hot summer’s day.” 

Indie Reader (4.5 out of 5 stars): “… a story full of the evocative, powerful influence of food, cooking, love, friendship and family on the human heart…a book full of flavor and substance worth savoring.” 

Kirkus Review: “A sweetly told saga, bubbling with appealing characters and food related talk… A poor country girl and a fashionable city woman learn about life in a tasty novel that blends romance and recipes.”

Winner, Best New Fiction, 2016: National Indie Excellence Awards

Winner, Silver Medal, 2016: IBPA Ben Franklin; Bill Fisher Award for Best First Book

Winner, First Place Fiction, 2015: Royal Dragonfly Awards 


The Welcome Home Diner is about everything that creates a home, from cooking, sweat, and tears to how challenges are faced and relationships changed, broken, or mended. With its detailed descriptions of a community rising like a phoenix from the rubble of disaster, this story's ability to trace the concurrent rise of several forces in the city makes for an involving multicultural encounter.

From activist principles and culinary ideals and descriptions to long hours that challenge Addie and Sam's relationships, their saga is steeped in Michigan atmosphere, dreams and heritage, and brings to life a struggling community's concerns and psyche.

Readers who like stories of activism, community change, and close but changing bonds will relish the depth in The Welcome Home Diner, which is far more than a culinary, small business or family relationship saga, but blossoms to embrace the entire microcosm of life representative in one struggling community's choices.

Diane Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest National Review

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